"Castrovalva" is the first story of the nineteenth season of Doctor Who.


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air stewardess; adrenaline; Alzarius; ambient complexity; ambulance; Andromeda Galaxy; architectural configuration system; Badge for Mathematical Excellence; beam wedge; bioelectronics; block transfer computation; brigadier; Brisbane; Castrovalva; Castrovalvan; celery; Centiculare europaea; Civil Aviation Authority; Cloister Bell; cricket; cricket bat; Dalek; dendrite; "Doc"; E-Space; Earth; East Sussex Area Health Authority; English language; Event One; fast particle projection; Gallifrey; the Gateway; Grant, Jo; hadron power lines; hunting; hydrogen; Ice Warrior; Junior Senate; K-9; Lethbridge-Stewart, Alistair; levitation; librarian; linseed oil; lipstick; Logopolis; magistrate; the Master's TARDIS; McCrimmon, Jamie; micron; Milky Way Galaxy; navigator; neuropeptide; neutron; Ogron; oxygen; pharmacy; Pharos Project; Phylox Series; radio; real-world interface; recorder; recursion; recursive occlusion; regeneration; Romana; rosemary; Russian roulette; scanner; scarf; Scientific Mythology; sonic screwdriver; star; synapse; TARDIS Information System; telebiogenesis; thermo-buffer; tissue compression eliminator; Valeriana officinalis; Vicki; wheelchair; Zero Cabinet; Zero Room

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