"100,000 BC" is the first story of the first season of Doctor Who.

100,000 BC
Season 1 (1963-1964), Episode 1 to Episode 4
Air date 23 November - 14 December 1963
Written by Anthony Coburn
Directed by Waris Hussein
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The Mutants


An Unearthly ChildEdit

The Cave of SkullsEdit

The Forest of FearEdit

The FiremakerEdit

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100,000 BC; 1963

Astrakhan hat; axe; bear; beast; boar; Britain; British currency; car; cave; Cave of Skulls; chameleon circuit; China; Chris Waites and the Carollers; Coal Hill School; decimal system; dimension; doctor of medicine; the Doctor's notebook; the Doctor's TARDIS; Earth; England; filament; fire; fourth dimension; France; French Revolution; The French Revolution; Gallifrey; Geiger counter; hit parade; horse; human; I.M. Foreman, Scrap Merchant; Ionic column; John Smith and the Common Men; junkyard; litmus paper; London; match; Metropolitan Police; mountain; Orb; Ormolu clock; police box; radiation counter; radio; Red Indian; scanner; sedan chair; skull; smoking pipe; stone knife; Stone of Death; television; tiger; Totter's Lane; United States; Waites, Aubrey; yearometer

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Australia; St John Ambulance; USSR

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